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How it all started

. A name that transcends multiple continents, and blurs its own legendary heritage into the veins of the world’s most elite supercars and sports cars of past and present. The look can be considered “old-school,” and yet the nostalgia is real; when did this all begin? What is the organic history of ? Who is behind it? And what does the future hold?

It was the “Kaido Racers” of the 80s and 90s in Japan that originally sparked the movement that became , Works and Performance. Those days, the Japanese street fighters would build cars with wide body square fenders, transplanted headlights and no bumpers as if to say, “Don’t ignore me. I am dead serious.” It was all aggressive. It was all colorful. And nothing had to make any sense. The crazier the better. The bigger the better. The louder the better. This culture is loved by some, yet hated by others. Welcome to JDM, circa 1990.

It was aggressive. It was colorful. And nothing had to make any sense…. Welcome to JDM, circa 1990.

The heart and soul of the 80’s / 90’s “traditional Japanese custom car culture” was truly going over-the-top”with anything you could think of. Completely removing the stock fenders and replacing them with customized “overfenders,” was the ultimate feather in your cap, and only the most elite show cars were displaying this wild look. Wataru Kato, founder of , has taken this old-school “Bosozoku” style and adapted it to the finest automobiles in the world! Continued below…

…How it all started (cont’d)

Wataru Kato. In 2008, a good friend and customer of Mr. Kato’s came to him expressing his desire to own a newer Lamborghini. He wanted a Murcielago; but not just a regular Murcielago would do. He wanted to push the envelope and aggressively enhance the already stunning appearance of a Murcielago.

This was the beginning of the PERFORMANCE brand name, a company engineered to design function and appearance upgrades. Performance first styling as it has become known.

Wataru Kato

“We wear the Japanese flag on our backs with much pride, as we strive to spread our traditional car culture all around the world”

Wataru Kato aka “Shakotan Koyaji”

SEMA 2009

Later in 2009, an Performance Lamborghini Murcielago made its way across the Pacific to the Vegas SEMA show. This was the world debut! The response from fans was tremendous, and Mr. Kato was an instant celebrity thanks to Social Media and coverage of his build. Unfortunately, the brand was still too new and would be some time before customers and auto manufacturers were knocking down his door.

We got rising sun on our shoulders.
– Wataru Kato

Liberty Walk SEMA Vegas Auto Show

By 2012, redesigned the Murcielago again, but this time using something called “Works Overfenders.” The new look was branded and introduced as “ WORKS” at the 2012 SEMA Show.

Fans have always been stunned Performance kits require cutting and grinding of the original body panels. Imagine, cutting up a priceless car like Lamborghini and then riveting on fiberglass “overfenders.” It was always a concern of most exotic car owners.

But the impact of what WORKS created was tremendous and lasting. Fans at SEMA were very impressed that a Japanese company had taken customization this far!

Japanese modified culture will live forever.
– Wataru Kato

Handshakes, praise and compliments were abundant.The following year at the 2013 SEMA show, WORKS introduced its Ferrari 458 Italia and its Nissan GT-R. A year later, WORKS introduced its Lamborghini Aventador along with 4 other new models as well.

Since then, & Kato have not slowed down! They are continuing to develop agreesive new body kits for the world’s finest cars! Currently there are more than 200 WORKS cars driving around Japan and more than 350 WORKS in other countries all around the world. The “Works Style” is now seen in North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East as well.

Every WORKS car is hand built. There is no mass production factory turning out these cars. Each car takes a lot of time to complete. Each vehicle needs to be individualized and personalized for each owner. The company strives to build a unique WORKS car for each and everyone of its customers. takes great pride in what they do!

Both Kato and the entire crew strive to do things no one else even dares to try. They have carved their own path and started a worldwide dominating movement.

There is an old Japanese saying: “A nail that sticks out a little will be hammered back down.”

and Kato prefer to say: “A nail that sticks out a lot can never be hammered back down.”

That is the essence of the “ WORKS” radical style that is sweeping across the world.

Liberty Walk GENEVA Auto Show
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